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By offering plastic waste management solutions and proper guidance on handling plastic waste, we can help you get more efficient and save money. We provide businesses across Basildon with comprehensive plastic waste recycling services and a new perspective on the demands for plastic waste recovery and solutions to challenges they face. Businesses all have an obligation to recycle, so you can be sure that we will handle your plastic waste carefully with our wide range of creative solutions.

In the course of their everyday operations, businesses that manufacture plastic or use plastic generate plastic waste. You must hire a licensed waste management company like Basildon Waste if your company generates plastic waste. You can reach us by calling 0151 321 1540.

Plastic Waste Recycling Basildon

In order to recycle plastic, waste plastic needs to be collected and turned into new, useful products. The global plastic industry produces and uses almost a trillion pounds of plastic every year. Plastic will be exclusively recycled, preventing waste from being sent to landfills. Repurposing plastic is a better option than throwing it away. Traditional recycling methods are used for normal plastic waste. This type of recycling involves melting plastic in order to create new plastic products. A new product is then molded using injection molding techniques from the recycled plastic.

Due to the affordability of plastics, people are all too willing to discard plastic objects and packaging after just one use, causing plastic pollution to multiply exponentially. Recycling used plastics can motivate people to reuse rather than throw them away, so they won’t become plastic pollution. The best way to manage plastic pollution is not just plastic recycling, which is a vital first step, but also changing our thinking and habits towards this controversial yet extremely useful material.

Plastic Waste Recycling Process

Plastic can be recycled in various ways, but collecting, sorting, shredding, washing, melting, and pelletizing are the most common. The techniques used to process resins and plastics depend on their type.

We will collect and ship your plastic to recycling facilities. There, it is separated according to its grade. In this way, plastic fibers of different types cannot be mixed together. After the plastic has been sorted and cleaned to remove pollutants like papers and clips, it will be shredded. These substances are considered contaminants because they should not be added to the recycling process with plastics. This could cause harm to the final product. At the end, it is melted into “pellets” that can be made into a variety of plastic products.

There is also a type of plastic recycling called mechanical recycling, in which plastic is burnt until it melts to a certain temperature. It achieves a lower melting point by breaking down plastic into monomers. It is achieved by burning oxygen-free fuel in enclosed containers. The use of this extraordinary process contributes to pushing the boundaries of recycling by allowing plastic that would be impossible to recycle conventionally (mechanical recycling) to be recycled for the generation of fuels and energy, which are essential for human survival.

Waste plastic can be collected and channelled into recycling and recovery routes, which significantly reduce costs and reduce environmental impact, in the building, manufacturing, and retail sectors, in particular. Another advantage of plastic is its ability to be recycled. Plastic used in a productive way instead of being discarded should be treated as a resource rather than a waste.

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