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Hazardous Waste Basildon

Our team of waste management experts in Basildon can help you store and dispose of all your hazardous waste in full compliance with the law, ensuring safety and high levels of professionalism at all times.

Because the execution of the brand new Hazardous Waste Regulations, the amount of wastes categorized as dangerous has been somewhat increased. Countless waste products you, many of which your company may come into day-to-day contact with, such as monitors, neon tubes and particular cleansing items are now categorized as hazardous and can no longer be tossed away alongside your general waste.

Whatever your waste needs might be, one call to Waste Management Basildon and you can be assured that your hazardous waste will be dealt with with the utmost responsibility and care. We operate only the safest management and authorised disposal of waste that we can guarantee will meet all duty of care audits and external demands.

Waste Management Basildon supplies hands-on support and a total selection for several types of unique and dangerous wastes, regardless of amounts or dimension. We are able to additionally organize on site storage pots for the hazardous-waste and supply professional advice regarding the greatest and best ways of managing storage. Our expertise and years of experience places us in the best position to manage most kinds of dangerous waste:

Hazardous Managing Products and Waste Storage

Waste Management Basildon can provide a broad selection of professional self storage units for several kinds of dangerous wastes and substances, a lot of which may be customized for your needs that are particular. We are able to additionally provide a total selection of gear bunds, IBCs along with sill manage packages for that secure handling of dangerous wastes.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote, just contact us or call us on 01268 350 260 and we’ll get back to you in 60 minutes or less. You could save up to 30%!

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