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Glass Waste Management Basildon

Our expert waste management solutions, exceptional customer service, and commitment to managing your waste sustainably and efficiently makes us your best bet. If you need assistance, please contact us immediately. At Basildon Waste, we recycle glass in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. We seek to maximize the value of the glass waste we collect and process by ensuring that glass waste, as well as other recyclable materials like paper and plastic, are processed so that they can be reused or converted into other useful resources. Call us at 01268 350 260 to discover more about how we may help your company.

Our aim is to provide the best customer service possible in everything we do. As a result, our waste service department provides some of the best glass waste recycling services in Dudley in order to keep our customers delighted.

What is Glass Waste?

There are a wide variety of glass waste items, including bottles, jars, and glass containers. Glass, which is created in vast amounts but is difficult to remove, is another product that waste produces in great amounts. Frequently, waste glass, particularly container glass, is collected, melted down, and utilized as new glass. It is easy to recycle glass waste.

The hardest material to break down is glass. Various forms of pollution, including pollution, can be eliminated from the environment by recycling glass waste. Our water usage is reduced by 50%, and we save 20% on electrical usage. The UK’s pubs and restaurants generate the most glass waste, with around 129.000 tonnes being disposed of in landfills each year. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling glass increases energy efficiency, saves water, and reduces natural resource use. Moreover, less glass waste is disposed of in landfills.

Glass Waste Recycling Basildon

In the United Kingdom, we use a variety of glass types, but soda-lime-silica glass is most commonly used for bottles and jars. Since glass is reprocessed differently depending on its type, it’s vital to not mix them. In addition to producing ordinary items, glass can be modified to create unique items such as raw materials that can be added during the manufacturing process to impart certain properties or colors. 

Recycled glass retains its quality for an indefinite period of time. If you are trying to dispose of your glass waste properly, we strongly recommend you contract with a company like us that is competent in this area. While fulfilling your Duty of Care, you are also contributing to the conservation of natural resources.

During the recycling of glass waste, the following happens:

Glass collection:

This method involves having a waste management company collect the glass waste for you. You can choose an appointment and a collection date too. Whenever you like and on any day, we can pick you up from anywhere around Basildon. Once that is done, the waste will be taken to a recycling facility.


Separating glass waste by colour, grade, and material is part of the recycling process at the plant. The reason why the bottles of different colours are separated is because there are slight differences in their fibers. A similar arrangement of colours will therefore not have an adverse effect on the final outcome. Sorting also involves a pretreatment process to remove any pollutants.


This is followed by shattering and melting the glass. Glass melts more quickly when it is crushed, making it easier to work with and to form into new objects. Glass bottles and jars can be recycled indefinitely. As a result, recycled glass contains fewer raw materials and consumes less energy.

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