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Our services can help you dispose of clinical waste safely, legally and cost-effectively. All you have to do is call our friendly team today for expert advice.

At Waste Management Basildon, we all know that time spent not caring for your customers is time squandered. That is why we plan to take the hassle out of your waste management with our Clinical Waste Solutions.

According to the official Controlled Waste Regulations, clinical waste is defined as: “any waste which consists wholly or partly of human or animal tissue, blood or other bodily fluids, excretions, drugs or other pharmaceutical products, swabs or dressings, syringes, needles or other sharp instruments, being waste which unless rendered safe may prove hazardous to any person coming into contact with it; and b. any other waste arising from medical, nursing, dental, veterinary, pharmaceutical or similar practice, investigation, treatment, care, teaching or research, or the collection of blood for transfusion, being waste which may cause infection to any person coming into contact with it.”

Clinical waste is not only produced by medical practices and surgeries, but also nurseries, nursing homes and tattoo shops. If you think your company produces clinical waste but aren’t sure exactly what your requirements are, contact us. Our friendly team of waste consultants can offer you free expert advice.

We can save you time and money. Our committed clinical service package can offer your business:

If you would like to enquire about any more of our services, or for a free no obligation quote, call us now on 01268 350 260. You could save up to 30%!

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